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Tim Kent

Dark Pools and Data Lakes

September 07, 2018 to October 07, 2018
Dark Pools and Data Lakes presents works that speak to perceptions of power as it appears in different guises: political, informational, techno-mechanical, and biological. Perspective grids, which represent displays of power, are shifted via systems of multi-point vanishing lines, complicating a clear position and revealing its interrelated dominion structures.
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Tim Kent

A World After Its Own Image

February 13, 2015 to March 13, 2015
Tim Kent charts the architecture of dreamscapes in “A World After Its Own Image”, a solo show featuring his latest paintings. Kent takes a draftsman’s eye to his energetic abstractions, using the visual language of buildings—elevation lines, orthographic projections, and elements such as stairs, doors, and windows—to inject order into disordered spaces. Challenging hierarchies of perspectives, Kent’s works encourage viewers to reconsider the dialectical relationship between artist and viewer, between imaginary and tangible places, and between abstraction and formalism.
The bridling 18x18 inches oil on linen 2013 tim kent copy
Tim Kent

The Gambit

October 11, 2013 to November 12, 2013
Bound together in a visually spectral narrative merging cross-referential complexities à la Borges with metaphorical vividness and chess references à la Nabokov, Tim Kent's new body of oil paintings tell an enigmatic tale of objects and interiors that subtly shimmer with time-tarnished illustriousness; of an heir who is at best indirectly apparent; of a steed that has long since shed its bridling; of a MacGuffin-like heirloom that sparkles and looms; of an anonymous knight whose portrait, pendent in the back dropped midst of the series' keystone work, is the lone human visage throughout so many rooms.