Tina Schwarz
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Tina Schwarz

A Dollar, a Dime, a Very Thin Penny

January 09, 2018 to February 06, 2018
Tina Schwarz draws from ancient myth and philosophy as much as from contemporaneity, and offers the viewer allegoric, riddle-steeped dynamic processes suspended in time–the dynamism at the forefront is embodied as much in her expressively bent and transformed figures, as in the space her protagonists thusly dissect, organize, and vitalize. Imbued with affect, with dream, with bodily-attuned beat, the scope of Schwarz’s paintings is much wider still: her concern is with ways of living and dying and feeling. [ Langer, Susanne K. (1953). Feeling and Form; A Theory of Art; Developed from Philosophy in a New Key New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, p.27]
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Avital Burg and Tina Schwarz

Fancy Seeing You and Involuntary Voyeurs

July 10, 2015 to August 09, 2015
Slag Gallery is pleased to present Fancy Seeing You, a collection of works by Avital Burg, and Involuntary Voyeurs, by Cologne-based artist Tina Schwarz. Both artists create an overlap between fantasy and the actual world, and exhibit an interest in the ambiguities of memory and daydreaming, along with the relationship of an individual to the past.