Tina Schwarz

Time Danced on a String, Doesn't Make It Jewelry

October 29, 2021 to December 04, 2021

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Slag Gallery is pleased to present Time Danced on a String, Doesn't Make It Jewelry, a recent series of paintings by Tina Schwarz. This is the second solo exhibition of the artist at the gallery.

In her newest exhibition, Tina Schwarz is dancing through our present times, taking a turn to the past here and there, and a subtle portion of sarcasm and dark humor everywhere. It's an inward, as well as an outward-directed observation on very personal questions about love, new beginnings, and the celebration of life.  The artist further investigates identity on the one hand and contemporary history with a lot of its sociological, psychological, and political issues.

Contemplating Schwarz's paintings, it feels like we vividly engage with their dynamism, yet we float through a dream concomitantly.

In Schwarz's own words: "The title Time Danced on a String, Doesn't Make It Jewelry is a metaphor for life and the difficulty of keeping the balance in it. We all experienced "losing it" one way or another - especially in the past few years. It's like we're dancing on pearls - and that's probably what makes these brief moments of calm so precious."

Additional images and information can be found on the artist's pages:

Tina Schwarz