Marius Ritiu

"GO WITH THE FLOOD" - 522 West 19th Street, New York

March 04, 2023 to April 15, 2023
Opening reception March 04, 2023,

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Go with the flood mimics the rhetorics of climate change discourse, which is all about “non- solutions”, the glitch of guilt tripping the individual (note Ritiu made a surfboard, not a ship) about cheap air travel and plastic straws. Like politics, Ritiu’s work puts apocalypse in the spotlight, but it would be as fair to say the impending apocalypse puts Ritiu’s work on the spot. As nature might just wipe it all out in a second, give it that closer look while you can, something like that? Eschatology makes for notoriously good PR.

 -Nikolaas Verstraeten 

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Marius Ritiu