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Hermann Nitsch: Bayreuth Stories

Alfred Mac Adam

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El Hogar Deconstruido

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Art The Sensory Tethers You’ll Find in Textiles

Seph Rodney

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Femme, femme, femmes.

the editors

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Fall In Love with Les Amoureuses at Show Gallery

Shana Nys Dambrot

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Artist Marie Peter-Toltz’s Pure Visual Communication

Entertainment Press

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Arthur Simms: The Big Picture, One Halo, Sculptures and Drawings

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Warum Tirtzah Bassel den Durchbruch schafft –Die Stille vor dem Blick

Nikolai B. Forstbauer

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Meet Marie Peter-Toltz

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'Highlight: Chelsea' at Hollis Taggart, New York

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The Matrix: Tim Kent at Slag Gallery

by Virginia Wagner

Delicious Line, September 29, 2018

Tim Kent: Dark Pools and Data Lakes, Slag Gallery

reviewed by William Corwin

Quiet Lunch, September 21, 2018

Tim Kent Paints a New Perspective at Slag Gallery in Brooklyn

by Kurt McVey

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Tim Kent: "Dark Pools and Data Lakes", August 23, 2018

Citizen Simms: Unpacking Arthur Simms’ Studio

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Alex Yudzon at Slag Gallery

By the Editors of ARTnews