Current Exhibition
Naomi Safran-Hon

Bonisson Art Center presents Soft Power

June 17, 2022 to September 25, 2022
Bonisson Art Center presents Soft Power,  presenting works by Naomi Safran-Hon.  The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog with a text by Seph Rodney and poem by Eric Blasco. In Soft Power, Naomi Safran-Hon’s works, as with previous shows, are described as paintings. But is it enough to call them just that? Each work is a synthesis of photography, drawing, sculpture, and painting brought together through perspectives that are both historical and fictive. Her work is a fusion, a coalescence of disparate materials — lace, cement, photographic prints, pigment, acrylic paint, gouache, and sundry manufactured objects such as PVC piping — that requires discussion of her process in order to understand how she brings into concert materials, methods, and viewpoints that otherwise seem mutually incompatible.
Upcoming Exhibitions
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