Past Exhibitions
Mircea Suciu

A Matter of Life and Death

November 02, 2010 to January 19, 2011
In these present works, Suciu, as an incessant investigator, deliberately contemplates and insists upon certain aspects of the human condition; human existence is unfolding under the sign of an inescapable finitude which becomes a source of despair and part of life’s absurdity. Existential questions pertinent to angst, alienation, despair, absurdity, flow together and generate images meant to draw the attention inwards as well as to bring the esthetic to a pre determined poetic stage.
Dumitru Gorzo

Super C

September 16, 2010 to November 01, 2010
With this new body of work, Dumitru Gorzo continues to delve into the angst of human condition through the painterly examination of the fellow-creature. Life size human bodies captured in the act of carrying something or somebody as sole resonating constant of the human existence, are inviting the viewer in the creation of the individual narrative. In fact, Gorzo’s reveries are full of these bodies, and through their making, he plays his part in the abysmal search for the sense of life.
George Anghelescu, Ioana Joa, Kristian Kozul, and Stefan Ungureanu

In Between

July 01, 2010 to September 14, 2010
Nils Folke Anderson, Anne-Lise Coste, Elana Herzog, Carin Riley and Molly Stevens

Out of Line

May 26, 2010 to June 26, 2010
The conventional concept of line in visual art is bound to drawing on paper. In this exhibition, however, line is a presence, visible in movement and space, paint and electricity, language and metaphor. OUT OF LINE is a fresh look at a variety of line forms: fresh, meaning vigorous and immediate, but also meaning bold and cheeky. OUT OF LINE takes a risk and speaks its own mind.
Serkan Ozkaya

Today Could be a Day of Historical Importance

April 29, 2010 to May 19, 2010
For Today Could Be a Day of Historical Importance, launched eight years ago, Özkaya collaborated with newspapers across the globe to hand-draw the text and images of pages of their papers after they were laid out by the newspaper’s editors. The drawings were printed in place of the typeset pages, resulting in accessible, affordable, and unexpected works of art that were distributed to millions of people.
Hannah Cole and Nicole Stone

Two Way Street

April 08, 2010 to April 28, 2010
The new exhibition at Slag Gallery, “Two Way Street" presents two artists who isolate elements of the commonplace with a poetic simplicity that rises above casual observation.
Bogdan Rata

God Bless me

March 18, 2010 to April 07, 2010
Jason Irla, Lina Kim, Adam Niklewicz, SOSka Group (Mykola Ridnyi, Ganna Kriventsova, and Serhiy Popov), and Krzysztof Zarebski

Post-Gogol: The Silent Absence of the Body

February 18, 2010 to March 16, 2010
‘Gogol, not Google’… and we laughed. This exhibition appropriates the name of the great Russian/Ukrainian writer to speak about the haunting appearance of physical objects and images in the present world, in which laughter (sometimes through tears) continues to serve as a potent agent of timeless sublime. Laughter keeps disarming the body and makes it invisible.
Erik Swanson and Max Dunlop, and two from Romania, Dan Beudean and Sergiu Toma


January 21, 2010 to February 17, 2010