Past Exhibitions

Mircea Suciu: How Deep The Rabbit Hole Goes

July 24, 2008 to September 30, 2008
In Suciu's paintings men and women are presented looking into boxes and windows. Often their backs are turned or their heads are hidden emphasizing the sense of alienation. "How Deep the Rabbit Hole Goes" may be construed as a question, or as a statement. The paintings explore questions of identity and isolation. The beautifully painted works on canvas inspire a sense of awe and wonder. That a Romanian artist would begin with images from American advertisements, then strip away anything that identifies them as American, is what gives these works their raison d'etre. The images speak subtly about cultures and borders, about what some have and what others may want.
Dumitru Gorzo

In The Corner Of My Eye

June 12, 2008 to July 19, 2008
Slag Gallery will open on June 12th with the first New York exhibition of works by the Romanian artist Dumitru Gorzo. "In the Corner of My Eye" evokes images created by the mind at the periphery of the visual field, images and forms that appear free from the oppression of logic and convention.