Born 1977, in Friedberg, Germany. lives and works in Cologne, Germany.

Tina Schwarz draws from ancient myth and philosophy as much as from contemporaneity, dancing through our present times, taking a turn to the past here and there, and a subtle portion of sarcasm and dark humor everywhere.  It's an inward, as well as an outward-directed observation on very personal questions about love, new beginnings, and the celebration of life.  The artist further investigates identity on the one hand and contemporary history with a lot of its sociological, psychological, and political issues.  She offers the viewer allegoric, riddle-steeped, dynamic processes suspended in time. The dynamism at the forefront is embodied in her expressively bent and transformed figures and the space her protagonists dissect, organize, animate. Contemplating Schwarz's paintings, it feels like we vividly engage with their dynamism, yet we float through a dream concomitantly.