Weixian Jiang

Weixian Jiang holds an MFA from New York Studio School, Sculpture Section and a BA from Tianjin Academy of Arts, Tianjin China.

The elemental sculptures of Weixian Jiang transform stark industrial material such as bronze, cement, or ceramic into forms reminiscent of their organic origins of ore, sediment, and clay – breathing new life to a nearly forgotten past state of nature.  Jiang's works are firmly rooted in the harmony between material and process.  The artist uses traditional and modern techniques such as hand forged iron, found objects, welding, weaving, “snow casting”, a technique achieved by pouring molten wax or plaster in a deep layer of snow, and “water casting”, using water instead of snow -- all to create haunting, organic forms.

To Weixian Jiang, this form of sculpture is the most primary form of creation.  He takes a bit from nature.  He takes a bit from industry.  These worlds come together in his hands, as a process of pure manufacturing.