Co-founder of Rostopasca, one of the most influential artist group in Romania of the last Decades.


1999 National University of Arts, Bucharest, Romania, Post-Graduate Diploma in Advanced Studies in Plastic Arts
1997 National University of Arts, Bucharest, Romania, Bachelor of Arts Diploma specializing in Painting


2021 "Body Parts", Museum of Art, Constanta, RO
2021 “Continuous Studio. The WORKSPACE and the EXHIBITION,” /SAC @ MALMAISON, Bucharest, RO
2021 “Picturi cu vârf și îndesat,” Magazinul Universal and Banatul Montan Museum,Reșița, RO
2021 “Fuga de acasă,” The Museum of Recent Art – MARe, Bucharest, RO
2020 “Generative System,” Slag Gallery, New York City, USA
2020 “Private Jet,” /SAC Bucharest, RO
2019 “GHEORGHE,” National Museum of Art – MNAC, Bucharest, RO
2019 “Lucrări cu coadă, urmează cu vârf,” 1.5 / Cărturești Carusel, Bucharest, RO 2019 “Field Trip,” VOLTA New York City, USA
2018 “Gorzo Now,” /SAC Bucharest, RO
2018 “Beyond and Within," Slag Gallery, New York City, USA
2017 “Contagiune," ARTCUB, Bucharest, RO
2016 “RESILIENCE,” Miercurea Ciuc, RO
2016 “Protected by Weeds,” H’art Gallery, Bucharest, RO
2016 “FEND OFF," Slag Gallery, New York City, USA
2016 “IZVORUL 2," Aiurart Gallery, Bucharest, RO
2015 “Strata,” Kevin Cavanagh Gallery, Dublin, IR
2014 “NO TITLE,” Slag Gallery, New York City, USA

2013 “Out of Love,” H’Art Gallery, Bucharest, RO
2013 “Walking a Porous Border,” Slag Gallery, New York City, USA
2012 “Heads,” New Jersey Museum of Contemporary Art - NJ MoCA, USA
2012 “Mirror,” VOLTA New York City, USA
2012 “Reality’s Nostalgia,” Slag Contemporary, New York City, USA
2011 “Not Tourists,” BOX 13 Art Space, Houston, USA
2011 “The Fiasco of the End of the World,” Jecza Gallery, Timișoara, RO
2010 “Super C,” Slag Gallery, New York, USA
2010 “Outdoor Project on Greenwich Street,” New York City, USA
2010 “Wunderkabinett,” Laika Gallery, Bucharest, RO
2009 “The Welded Book,” CNDB – National Dance Centre of Bucharest, RO
2009 “Core,” Slag Gallery, New York City, USA
2008 “In the Corner of My Eye,” Slag Gallery, New York City, USA
2007 “Short Stories of Gorzo,” Atelier Vam Eck, Dusseldorf, DE
2007 "Belle Roumanie,” Kulturfabrik, Luxembourg, LUX
2007 "Don't Complicate the Sleeping Baroque," Kunst Raum Noe, Vienna, AT 2007 "The Fence" – urban intervention/public art, Bucharest, RO
2007 "Punct de colectare a artei" - street debate/public art, Sibiu, RO
2007 "7 Babes," Mie Leferver Gallery, Gent, BE
2007 “Indian Lava & Ritz Mood Guru: Present Salve Fiat Romuli Nepos,” Brukental Museum, Sibiu, RO
2006 "I Like God,” H’art Gallery, Bucharest, RO
2006 “Indian Lava & Ritz Mood Guru: Present Salve Fiat Romuli Nepos”, National Museum of Contemporary Art - MNAC, Bucharest, RO
2005 “Mr. President is a Sexual Object,” HT003 Gallery, Bucharest, RO
2005 “Welcome to Paradise", H'art Gallery, Bucharest, RO
2004 “Dilitdotcom – Symptoms of Contemporary Myth,” Anaid Gallery, Bucharest, RO 2004 “Rural Art Protest,” HT003 Gallery, Bucharest, RO
2003 “Rediscovering the Nude Beauty,” H’art Gallery, Bucharest, RO
2003 “Cocoons” - street intervention, Bucharest, RO

1999 “GORZO,” Eforie Gallery, Bucharest, RO
1999 “Ompoziție,” Căminul Artei Gallery, Bucharest, RO


2019 "Women," Museum of Recent Art, Bucharest, RO 2019 "Cosi Via," Centotto, Brooklyn, NYC, USA
2018 "Heaven from Hell,", MARe, Bucharest, RO

2017 "Resilience," Independent Brussels, BE
2017 ART NOW 2017, Hearst Galleries, NYC, USA
2017 ART@SAP Foundation, DE
2016 Group exhibition, MNAC, Bucharest, RO
2015 Kingston Sculpture Biennial, Kingston, NYC, USA
2015 “Thrice Legendary, or Forever Thens,” Centotto, NYC, USA
2015 “Paintings in Trees,” NYC, USA
2015 “Rites,” Slag Gallery, NYC, USA
2014 “Defaced,” Boulder MoCA, Colorado, USA
2014 “In Between,” Kleindienst Gallery, Cologne, DE
2013 “T emporal Strata,” VOL T A 9, Basel, Switzerland
2013 “Marginal Portraits, or Insides,” Centotto, NYC, USA
2012 “A Pile of Clowns,” Centotto, NYC, USA
2011 “Painting Today,” Victoria Art Center, Bucharest, RO
2010 “Badly Happy,” Marina Abramovic Institute, San Francisco, USA
2010 “Pirates, Bandits and Outlaws,” LCCM, Fort Bragg, California, USA
2010 “Art Fanatics,” Kunsthalle (Műcsarnok), Budapest, HU
2009 “That’s All Folks,” Stadthalle, Bruges, BE
2009 “εικονες" Conradi Galerie, Hamburg, DE
2009 ”Without Hintersinn” Official Side Event for the 11th Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul, TR 2008 “Against All Odds,” Slag Gallery, NYC, USA
2008 “Under Natural Circumstances”, MODEM Modern and Contemporary Art Center, Debrecen, HU

2008 “Tajan: Romanian Art Today-History Frees Its Demons”, Tajan, Paris, FR

2007 “Donumenta 2007,”Regensburg, DE
2007 "Plus Zwei,"MKM Museum Küppersmühle, Duisburg, DE
2005 "Offset", Plan B Gallery, Romania, Austria, Italy, Germany

2005 "Dance Instructor" - performance with Electric Brother, F.A.C.E Novi Sad, SE 2004 “Romanian Artists (and not only) love Ceausescu’s Palace”, MNAC, Bucharest,RO
2001 “Context Network,” The 49th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale,Romanian Pavilion, Venice, IT