Osaretin Ugiagbe's work delves into the exploration of time and process in relation to a life lived across major cities such as Lagos, Nigeria, New York, London, and now Baltimore. His current body of work reflects his firsthand experiences in these cities. As a Nigerian-born artist, Ugiagbe focuses on the themes of documents, language, binding, and physical labor, and how they have influenced cultures. In his artistic practice, he employs techniques that he developed during his time at the Royal College of Art, which involve the disintegration and layering of paper, as well as the incorporation of found objects.

One of Ugiagbe's recent exhibitions, titled "A View from Amman," showcases a series of figurative paintings that he has been working on since 2020. The artist's contemplation of a shift in his artistic approach coincides with an unexpected move from Europe back to the United States, specifically to Baltimore rather than his previous home in New York. Ugiagbe explains that this significant change in his environment was unsettling, serving as the inspiration for these new artworks.

"A View from Amman" represents the artist's yearning for something familiar while being deeply immersed in an unfamiliar setting. Many of the figures portrayed in the paintings convey a sense of longing or exist within the shadows. Obscured faces evoke a dream-like state, reminiscent of faded memories, as Ugiagbe endeavors to reconstruct his fragmented life.