Tirtzah Bassel


2010                         MFA  in  Painting,  Boston  University,  Boston,  MA

2004                         Jerusalem  Studio  School,  Jerusalem,  Israel


2019                      One Eye Closed, Slag Gallery, NY

2018                      When You Are Everywhere, Galerie Thomas Fuchs, Stuttgart, Germany                

2017                       Volta  NY,  Slag  Gallery,  New  York,  NY

2016                       Terminal,  BRIC  Arts  Media  House,  Brooklyn,  NY

2015                       Rites,  Slag  Gallery,  Brooklyn,  NY  (Two  Person)

         I  Want  To  Hold  You  Close,  Open  Source  Gallery,  Brooklyn,  NY

          PERFORM,  Firehouse  Plaza  Art  Gallery, Garden  City,  NY

2014                        The  Line  Starts  Here,  Slag  Gallery,  Brooklyn,  NY

2013                         Duct  Tape  Miami,  Gitler&___  ,  Miami,  Fl

           Stop  and  Frisk,  Strivers  Gardens  Gallery,  Harlem  New  York,  NY

            El  Paso/Juarez:  Your  Dreams  Available  Now,  Purple  Pop  Up,  El  Paso,  TX

           2012                           Airport  In  Security,  Chashama  461  Gallery,  New  York,  NY

                                  TSA  Chapel,  LABA  Fellowship,  New  York,  NY

2010                          MFA  Thesis  Show,  808  Gallery,  Boston  University,  Boston,  MA

2007                          Pieces of Change, Solo Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel                      



Kunstverein  Worms  &  Kunstverein  Vierhnheim  in  cooperation  with  Kunstverein

Stuttgart,  Germany;  Curators:  Dr.  Raimund  Menges,  Dr.  Dietmar  Schuth  and  Fritz  Stier

Art@  SAP,  SAP  International  Training  Center,  Walldorf,  Germany;  Curator:  Alexandra


2016              Home Land Security, FORSITE Foundation             

 Fort  Winfield  Scott,  San  Francisco,  CA;  Curator:  Cheryl  Haines

Adhere,  Visual  Arts  Center  of  New  Jersey,  Summit,  N

Human  Territory,  Slag  Contemporary  Williamsburg,  Brooklyn,  NY Volta  Basel,  Slag  Gallery,  Basel,  Switzerland

Hort  Foundation  Benefit  Exhibition  and  Auction,  Bosi  Contemporary

Gallery,  New  York,  NY

Wagmag  Benefit  Exhibition  and  Auction,  The  Boiler,  Brooklyn,  NY

2014             Convergence,  808  Gallery,  Boston  University,  Boston,  MA

2013             ROOMS,  Gitler&____  ,  New  York,  NY

2012             Line.Grid.Black.White.  ,  Dreitzer  Gallery,  Brandeis  University,  Waltham,  MA

2011              From  Origin  to  Originality:  Contemporary  Israeli  Art,  The  Laurie  M.  Tisch  Gallery

at  the  JCC  Manhattan,  New  York,  NY;  Curator:  Tsibi  Geva

92nd  Street  Y  Faculty  Show,  Weill  Art  Gallery,  New  York,  NY                                                                                           

            Pop  Up  –  Pop  In,  Amalgamated  Artists,  New  York,  NY

I  am  my  Beloved,  Performance  Project,  LABA  Theater,  New  York,  NY

2010              In  Bodies  That  Don't  Keep, Commonwealth  Gallery,  Boston,  MA

25th  International  Exhibition,  Museum  of  Fine  Arts  Florida,  Tallahassee,  FL

Market,  RKB  Gallery,  London,  UK

Realization  of  Dreams,  Rubin-Frankel  Gallery,  Boston,  MA

2009              Boston  Young  Contemporaries,  808  Gallery,  Boston,  MA

Imaging  Desire,  Aegis  First  Biennial,  Hite  Art  Institute,  University  of  Louisville,  KY

Boston  Printmakers,  2009  North  American  Print  Biennial,  808  Gallery,  Boston,  MA

2008                Genesis,  Collaborative  Performance  Project, Duke  University

 Durham,  NC;  ALMA  Home  for  Hebrew  Culture,  Tel  Aviv,  Israel

2007                New  Work,  High  Touch  Gallery,  Herzliya,  Israel

2004                Work  In  Progress,  Art  Space  Gallery,  Jerusalem,  Israel


2017                 Wormser  Zeitung,  New  Yorker  Kunst  in  Worms  und  Viernheim,  Von  Sophia

                         Rishyna,  April  4th

2016                SFAQ,  Home  Land  Security  at  the  Presidio,  Gabrielle  Gopinath, December  15th

                      Hyperallergic, Stories  of  War  and  Survival  Unfold in San  Francisco’s  Presidio, Thea   Quiray Tagle,  ov. 4th



2015                ArtLtd  Magazine,  Report:  San  Francisco,  Leora  Lutz,  November

                        Frieze  Magazine,  Home  Land  Security,  Rob  Marks,  October  24th

                        KQED,  “Artwork  and  Setting  Depict  Post-9/11  World,”  Matthew  Harrison

                       Tedford,  September  26th

                        SF  Weekly,  “For-site  is  20/20,”  Jonathan  Curiel,  September  22nd

                        The  Bay  Area  Reporter,  “Coastal  Art  Installations,”  Sura  Wood,  September  15th

                        KQED  Forum,  “Homeland  Security  Installation  Comes  to  San  Francisco’s  Presidio

                        Barracks,”  Michael  Krasny,  September  13th

                        The  Art  Newspaper, “Political  Art  That  Packs A Punch,”  Jori  Finkel, September  9th

                        Curbed  SF,  “Exclusive  Look  at  Art  inside  Presidio’s  Abandoned  Bunkers,”  Adam

                        Brinklow,  September  9th

 San  Fransisco  Chronicle,  “Foundation  Puts  Ballistics  Test  Inside  Mothballed  Presidio

 Bunker,”  Sam  Whiting,  September  7th

 C  Magazine,  “Safe  Haven,”  Leilani  Labong,  September

 SF/ARTS,  “New  Presidio  Exhibit  Illuminates  Complex  Social  Issues,”  Jean  Schiffman,

 September  2016

 San  Francisco  magazine,  “Make  Art  Not  War,”  Annie  Tittiger,  September

 The  New  York  Times,  A  ‘Home  Land  Security’  Art  Show,  at  the  Foot  of  the  Golden  Gate

Bridge,JoriFinkel,June23rdKQED,ExMilitary  Bunkers  to  Host  Major  Group  Exhibition  in  San  Francisco,  Chloe

Veltman,  June  23rd

San  Francisco  Chronicle,  For-Site  Show  coming  to  Presidio  in  September,  Sam

Whiting,  June  23rd

BK  Live,  Tirtzah  Bassel’s  Duct  Tape  Art,  March  17th


Visual  Arts  Center  of  New  Jersey  Exhibition  Catalog,  Exposing  Adhesives,Katherine  Murdock

Brooklyn  Hits,  Interview  with  Garrett  Lawson,  March  5t            The  Boston  Globe,  BU’s  Abstract  Ace  Shows  His  Stripes,  Cate  McQuaid,  December  2nd

Poets and Artists, SubstanceMetaleptic
, Daniel Maidman, Issue #56, June 2014

Tirtzah Bassel at Slag Gallery, Tatiana Istomina, , May 9th
Arts in Bushwick, An Odd Symbiosis: Action in Non-Action, Etty Yaniv, April 23rd Prologue Profiles, Interview with Dan Held, April 13th
The Huffington Post, Tirtzah Bassel Transforms Duct Tape, Vanessa Albury, March 26th


Hyperallergic, The Miami Fairs, Rendered in Duct Tape, Jillian Steinhauer, December 5th Artribune, Miami Updates: Non-Solo Fiere, Santa Nastro, December 8th
Journal of Absence: New York, Bookieman Publications, July 12th
El Paso Inc., The Border Through a Visitor’s Eyes, Austin Savage, May 29th

El Paso Inc., Pop Up Art: Your Dreams Available Now, Melody Parra, May 22nd
El Diario de El Paso, Expone su arte visual inspirada en la vida en la frontera, Sergio Arellano, May 19th
Untapped Cities, A Tribeca Art Exhibition Shown in ‘Rooms’, Abby Sam Thomas, March 8th Sketch 42, Airport Insecurity, Nicole Cohen, February 18th
Buddy of Work, Oil & Duct Tape, January 23rd


The One Way Ticket Show, Interview with Steven Shalowitz, October 9th
Water’s Edge: Conversations with Three Artists, Interview with Davy Knittle, August 21st The Sisterhood/The Jewish Daily Forward, Getting Intimate at the Airport, Interview with Gabrielle Birkner, May 16th
ynet/Yediot Acharonot, The Heart of LABA, Interview with Yasmin Shemesh (in
Hebrew), May 15
America Israel Cultural Foundation website, Featured Artist: Tirtzah Bassel, May 13th Speakers’ Lab, Exploring New Perspectives on Jewish Identity, Interview with Helena Gindi, April 11th


Contemporary Conceptualism, Leor Grady (in Hebrew), March 1st 2007 Globes Israeli Business Daily, A Window of Opportunity at the Central Bus Station, Hagit ynet/Yediot Acharonot,

Peleg Rotem, February 7th




2017                          Visiting  Artist,  Cranbrook  Academy  of  Art,  Detroit,  MI

2016                          Visiting  Artist,  Parsons  The  New  School  of  Design,  New  York,  NY

2015                          Visiting  Artist,  University  of  the  Arts,  Philadelphia,  PA

                        Visiting  Artist  Lecture,  L.E.  Hoffberger  Graduate  School  of  Painting,  Maryland  Institute

College  of  Art,  Baltimore,  MD

2014                          Visiting  Artist  Lecture,  Nassau  Community  College,  Garden  City,  NY

 Visiting  Artist  Lecture,  Davidson  College,  Davidson,  NC




2010-present           Studio  Residency,  Chashama  Workspace  Program,  Brooklyn,  NY

2013,  2016               Asylum  Arts,  International  Artist  Retreat,  Garrison  Institute,  Garrison,  NY

2015                          Awesome  Without  Borders  Grant,  The  Harnisch  Foundation,  New  York,  NY

2011-2012                 LABA  Artist  Fellowship,  14th  Street  Y,  New  York,  NY

2011                           Artist  Residency,  I-Park  Foundation,  East  Haddam,  CT

2002,  2003                International  School  of  Drawing  Painting  and  Sculpture,  Umbria,  Italy



2009-2010               Boston  University  Woman's  Council  Scholarship,  Boston  University

2008-2009               Dean's  Scholar  Award,  College  of  Fine  Arts  at  Boston  University